Development of an innovative firefighter jacket

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Thermal Protective Clothing (TPC) Research & Development has been searching solutions to minimize firefighters’ heat load and skin burns. However, until now, the available commercial solutions solve isolated problems. As a drawback, episodes of heat stroke and severe burns are still often.

In this project, the multidisciplinary team will combine the available solutions and techniques to produce a Thermal Protective Clothing with outstanding performance.

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Project outcomes

The project aims to transfer technical capacities to stakeholders through a strong component of dissemination events!


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In the second webinar of the project (on April 1, 2022), the consortium CEFT, CeNTI, CITEVE, and ENB presented ...

The consortium CEFT, CeNTI, CITEVE, and ENB organized the first webinar of the project DIF-Jacket (a series of 3). On November 25, 2021,...

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Project reference: PCIF/SSO/0106/2018

Project financed by Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT):